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ticket number 20692 - 5th december 2018

Congratulations to Ron Prentice from Tubs Direct!

Tubs Direct was founded 3 and a half years ago by Director Ron, and sells a range of hot tubs, swim spas and outdoor fires to enhance your outdoor spaces.

Despite the miserable weather, we knew £2,000 would brighten Ron’s day! He was just about to tuck into some lunch when we arrived, but we’re sure he wasn’t too upset that we interrupted him.

Ron said he got involved in the draw because he wanted to support the local business community. As a business owner himself, he understands the value of initiatives like the Made in Bury Business Draw and Business Academy and wanted to give back.

Ron’s wife will certainly be impressed with his win as he said he would be spending the £2,000 on Christmas presents for her! Or maybe that was just for the camera...!

Click here to see us suprise Ron at work.

Ticket number 20817 - 28th November 2018

Our 30th winner is Leanne Fletcher from Bury Financial Advisers, which is situated right here at Bury BusinessLodge. We didn’t even have to go outside – which is preferable in this weather!

Leanne has worked in the admin department at Bury Financial Advisers for 4 years. Bury Financial Advisers is located just below us, making this week’s surprise a very easy one. We called Leanne’s boss to make sure she was in the office, then shortly after headed down to present her with the £2,000 cheque.

Leanne wasn’t expecting to be announced as this week’s winner but was delighted with the timing as she is getting married to her fiancé Matty in 2020! As well as putting the money towards her wedding, Leanne, like many of our winners at the moment, is also planning on setting some aside to spend on Christmas presents for her two children, Lilly Rose and Henry. Her boss, Paul, suggested she should invest her winnings in an ISA – he is a financial adviser after all!

Click here to see us present Leanne with her cheque.

Ticket Number - 20968 - 21st November 2018

The lucky number drawn on Wednesday, the day before our annual Made in Bury Business Awards, belonged to someone who was actually attending the event. Rather than go out on Wednesday as we usually would, we decided to save the surprise for the MIBBA’s the following night, where we could present the £2,000 cheque in front of over 360 people from the Bury business community.

The lucky winner was Paul Corbin from Cartime! We surprised Paul by announcing his number in the middle of the opening speech at the MIBBA’s. He’ll certainly be the smartest dressed winner to feature on our blog!

Paul, the Sales Manager at Cartime, was delighted to win this week’s £2,000 prize and it was great to see so many of his colleagues cheering him on as we announced his name.

Congratulations Paul! Click here to view the video

ticket number 20268 - 14th november 2018

Our 28th winner, Johnathon Acton, is the first winner that we haven’t been able to surprise! 

This morning, after drawing his lucky number, we contacted his office at Bury Council to try and get hold of him without giving away the surprise. His colleagues didn’t seem sure of Johnathon’s whereabouts and we waited in the hope they would get back to us.

A few hours passed, and no news, so we did a Made in Bury Business Draw first and contacted him ourselves! Unfortunately, this meant we had to give away the surprise.

Johnathon has been working at Bury Council as a Service Desk Technician for over 4 years. He was ecstatic to hear the news that he had won this week’s £2,000 prize, especially considering he has 4 tickets for the draw! Johnathon was very adamant that his money would be spent on treating his dad rather than anything for himself which we thought was lovely!

Congratulations to Johnathon! We hope you save enough to treat yourself! Watch the moment we surprised him here.

ticket number 20446 - 7th November 2018

On Wednesday 7th November, we surprised the 27th winner of the Made in Bury Business Draw. This week’s lucky winner was Hilary, a secretary at Woodcocks Haworth & Nuttall Solicitors, where she has worked for an unbelievable 36 years!

We crammed into the reception with Hilary’s team who all came down from their desks to help us surprise her. Hilary certainly realised something was happening when she saw the crowd of people waiting for her through the glass door. It wasn’t until she came into the reception that she realised she was the lucky winner of £2,000!

Hilary’s partner had been told by the lovely reception staff at Woodcock’s to get down to the office, so he could see the moment we surprised his wife with the cheque. We’re sure he was just as thrilled as she was!

Speaking to Hilary about what she would spend the money on, she revealed that it would probably go towards Christmas presents… for herself! That, or possibly a holiday next year, which we think her family might be happier about.

Congratulations to Hilary on your win! You can watch the moment we surprised her here.


On Wednesday 31st October we announced the 26th winner of the Made in Bury Business Draw. The lucky person to receive our £2000 cheque was Adam Gee, Menswear Merchandiser at JD Sports, where he has worked for two and a half years.

We attracted plenty of attention as we walked through the huge JD Sports office with our cheque. Adam’s win was warmly welcomed by the rest of the staff and he received a huge round of applause. A Halloween treat indeed!

Adam said his winnings would be spent on Christmas presents for his two sons; Oscar, 6 months, and Arthur, 2. We’re glad to have helped make their Christmas’s extra special!

Click here to see us suprise Adam at his desk.

ticket number 20768 - 24th October 2018

The winners this week were Andy and Julie Foy, owners of Think Carpet & Floors. They set their business up 10 years ago, and now have two showroom locations in Bury and Radcliffe. You can learn more about them on their website

We tracked Andy down to his Bury showroom. Despite being easy to find, Andy actually spotted us before we’d spotted him. We even held the door open for him as we entered Think Carpet & Floors with his cheque, assuming he might be a customer! We bet he wasn’t expecting to come back from a coffee run to find a giant cheque for £2000 in his showroom!

Apparently, our timing was perfect. Andy and Julie said they have just bought themselves a new bathroom, so this money would certainly help! Being business owners themselves, Andy and Julie know how tough it can be when you’re just starting out, so they were eager to get involved in the Business Draw. The money raised by the Made in Bury Business Draw helps fund our Business Academy and will eventually enable us to create interest free loans to support start-up businesses.

Click here to see us suprise Andy.

ticket number 20612 - 17th october 2018

Bury Business Draw – Just what the Doctor ordered! This week’s winner was Clark Burgan, the General Manager of UKMeds4U, an online platform for prescription medicines, which he has been looking after for 10 years.

We had a bit of a challenge finding Clark this afternoon! By the time we got to his office, he was no longer there. We were almost about to admit defeat and reveal the win to Clark over the phone, when we managed to get hold of a colleague who told us he would be returning to his office later in the day. We went back, posing as deliverymen, and finally got to surprise him with his cheque!

Clark started participating in the Made in Bury Business Draw because he was passionate about helping businesses in the local area, so of course he wanted to invest his winnings back into his own business. We did suggest, however, that he bought himself a small treat first! 

Congratulations once again to Clark! Watch the moment we surprised him here.

ticket number 20400 - 10th october 2018

Today’s lucky winner was Leigh Garrett who is the Dual Service Manager at the Mill Gate Shopping Centre, where he’s worked for two and a half years. Leigh is in charge of security and cleaning, so in a nutshell helps keep our local shopping centre both safe and sparkling clean.

Leigh suggested his winnings may go towards a new fish tank, but we think Mrs Garrett may have other ideas…. a holiday perhaps!

Click here to see us suprise Leigh at work

ticket number 20510 - 3rd october 2018

We had to track down this week’s winner Craig Pinder, the station manager at GM Fire & Rescue and boy was he hard to find.... so hard that after ruling out arson (obviously) we eventually had to call upon the help of our good friend Karan Lee, retired Chief Superintendent of GM Police to help find Craig. Once a detective always a detective!

Craig has been with the Fire Brigade for over 22 years, the last 9 years here in Bury. Craig said his win will go towards a big treat for wife Paula, and their two teenage boys.

Congratulations once again to Craig.

Click here to watch how we eventually suprised Craig.

ticket number 20262 - 26th September 2018

Made in Bury brighten Paul’s day with £2000 win

On Wednesday 26th September the 21st winner of the Made in Bury Business Draw was announced!

This week’s lucky winner is Paul Birchall, a Supervisor from the Street Lighting Team at the Bury Council Bradley Fold Depot. We caught up with Paul in the canteen just before he left for the day.

Paul made our day with his smile, slightly shocked he admitted the most he’s ever won before was £10 on the lottery!

Click here to see us suprise Paul with the cheque.

ticket 20527 - 19th september 2018

This week’s winner is Paul Holt from Garside Garage and Bury Mini Bus Hire.

Paul was busy with a phone call when we arrived with the big cheque, he certainly cut the call short with a big smile on his face to greet us.

Paul, with a little help from his wife Jolene will be spending the winnings on a family holiday next year.

Minibus services are available 24/7 from Bury Mini Bus Hire and Paul and his team care so much about their Minibus vehicles they are regularly serviced at Garside Garage which Paul also owns.

Click here to see us suprise Paul

ticket number 20668 - 12th september 2018

We took a trip to the World Famous Bury Market today to deliver our £2000 cheque.

This week’s winner is Michelle from Charlie & Co, a gift and wax melt stall on Georgiana Block.

The stall was an Aladdin’s Cave full of hand-crafted wax melts, Himalayan salt lamps, gifts and more, the smell was divine.

Charlie & Co has been on Bury Market for just over two year and is owned by Father & Daughter team, Ken and Michelle and the business is named after Michelle’s Grandson Charlie.

We got chatting to two customers, who were happy to wait to be served while we presented Michelle with her cheque. Dennis and Alison Davies come from Warrington to Bury Market at least twice a month and never fail to visit the stall, for in their words “The Best Wax Melts around”.

Click here to see us suprise Michelle

TICKET NUMBER 20468 - 5th september 2018

Matthew Davidson is a Financial Controller at AFG LAW. He’s been with the firm just over 2 years and is based in their Bolton office.

Matthew was asked to pop over to the Bury office under false pretence, so we could surprise him, however it all became clear when Phil walked into the MD’s office with our large cheque.

Matthew is off to Dubai with his Girlfriend in a few weeks, his win will be extra spending money for the holiday but not before he treats all the AFG LAW team to breakfast at the Coffee Club on Friday.

Click here to view the moment we suprised Matthew



This week's lucky winner was lost for words when he found out he'd won £2,000 in The Made In Bury Business Draw.  

Ian Hayes, a director at Munro Greenhalgh, insurance brokers based in Ramsbottom, was completely shocked and very quiet when we arrived to present him with the cheque; something his colleagues don't often witness.

He and the team had just been discussing a meal out so when asked what he'd spend the money on, he was quick to say that he'd take the team for lunch and he'd be footing the bill! Ian is also travelling to Portugal to play cricket with Rammy Traders at the weekend, so it'll also go nicely towards the trip he said.

Click here to see Ian being presented with the cheque.


This week's winner couldn't have looked happier if she'd tried!  Karen Smalley, senior carer at Persona was the name on the lucky ticket that was drawn this week and she was literally jumping for joy when she heard the news that she'd won £2,000. 

In actual fact Karen and three of her colleagues have purchased tickets as a syndicate, so there were four, not one winner this week, each taking home £500. 

You can see Karens response to the win here

ticket number 20872 - 15th August 2018

This week’s lucky winner is Sarah Jenkinson, CRM Team Administrator at Weavability Ltd based at Imperial House, BusinessLodge.

Sarah who has worked at Weaveability Ltd for almost 4 years is taking her children Lauren, 16 and Summer, 8 to Bulgaria and her winnings will help make this a very happy holiday.

Weaveability Ltd are just one of almost 70 local businesses that support the Business Draw. Weaveability deliver award winning omni-channel B2C SAP eCommerce and solutions for SAP B2B Portals to ensure your customers and suppliers get a consistent real-time experience across all of your touchpoints. 

ticket number 20139 - 8th august 2018

This week’s lucky winner is Michael Crossley, Operations Assistant at BusinessLodge Bury.

A very surprised Michael told us he would be treating himself to some new clothes during a shopping spree in Manchester. Perfect timing for a new wardrobe as Michael is holidaying later this month in Cornwall…. That’s’ a lot of shorts and tee shirts!

Michael bought his ticket through Bury BusinessLodge, serviced offices in Bury town centre, which are secure, air-conditioned throughout and feature free on-site parking.

For more information about BusinessLodge please click here.

Click here to see how we suprised Michael at Imperial House, BusinessLodge

ticket number 20174 - 1st August 2018

This week’s lucky winner is business owner Jason Groves from Nettl of Bury.

Jason said… “I didn’t ever expect to win”, before telling us he will spend the money on a family holiday with his wife Samantha and their children.

Nettl of Bury, is an award-winning graphic design and print agency with a fantastic reputation for professionalism and innovation.

Whether you are looking for eye-catching graphic design, print or web design, Nettl can help!

Jason and his team create products that put your business in the spotlight, their experienced and highly skilled team can ensure that every project is delivered on time and on budget.

Nettl are based at Newtons Of Bury Coworking And Office Space’ on The Rock and are a one stop shop design agency also offering unique, eye-catching and fully integrated website.

Click here to see how we surprised Jason with his win!

ticket number 20714 - 25th July 2018

On Wednesday 25th July, we had the pleasure of presenting the £2,000 cheque to the 12th winner of the Made in Bury Business Draw.

This week’s lucky winner is Erica Edmunds, a drinks waitress at Slattery Patisserie and Chocolatier. Erica was presented with the cheque to a round of applause from both her colleagues and happy diners during a busy lunchtime at the popular eatery.

We asked Erica what she would spend her winnings on and were delighted to hear that she has a fledgling business that she will invest the money in. Her business ‘Glamorous Roses’ creates beautiful, bespoke artificial glitter roses made to your personal specification, all available in different colours to add that extra sparkle to your home or business premises.

Why not visit to find out more?

Click here to see how we suprised Erica.

ticket number 20684 - 18th July 2018

Today's Business Draw winner is Mike Beckwith, Accounts Manager at Bury's Jetchem Systems.

Mike bought his lucky number via Red Tiget Karate Club where both he and his wife Leesa teach Karate. Being very careful how we suprised Black Belt Mike, with the help of his colleagues we managed to catch him at his desk to deliver our hige cheque, click here to see the moment we did this!

Mike told us a family holiday would be his perfect way to spend his winnings, enjoy Mike!

Click here to see Mike being presented with his cheque.

ticket number 20008 - 11th July 2018

This week’s lucky winner is Gail Branch, Headteacher at All Saints Church of England Primary School in Whitefield.

We surprised a delighted Mrs Branch, who took a short break from her busy schedule to tell us that she’ll be putting her winnings towards a new car.

All Saints' is a Church of England Voluntary Controlled School for boys and girls from three to eleven years of age. It is situated on Rufford Drive in Whitefield and is one of the Bury Family of Schools. 

Click here to see us suprise Mrs Branch with our large cheque.

ticket number 20649 - 4th july 2018

This week’s lucky winner is IT Manager Kevin Walsh from DTE IT Support.

Kevin, who has worked for DTE for over 20 years, said he would be putting his winnings on England winning the world cup…. as much as we’d love England to win, we do hope he spends it on something else, maybe a holiday Kevin?

Click here to see the moment we suprised Kevin with our large cheque.

ticket number 20072 - 27th june 2018

Project Manager Sophie Clayton from complete driveway designs accepted the cheque for £2,000 and is hoping her bosses spend the prize money on a staff night out!

Complete Driveway Designs is a specialist driveway and patio installation company based in Bury. The company is renowned for their friendly approach and high quality finish in all projects. Complete Driveway Designs undertake projects across the North West.

Click here to see how we suprised Sophie with our large cheque.

Ticket Number 20125 - 20th June 2018

Bury business exchanges £2 for £2,000 in Bury Business Draw!

The latest winner of £2,000 was announced on Wednesday 20th June as Exchange Utility.

Bury based Exchange Utility provide energy management solutions for thousands of UK businesses. They negotiate excellent contract prices with suppliers then pass the savings on to the businesses.

Managing Director Kelly Ivison was delighted with the win and said that Exchange Utility will be keeping the winnings local by spending it on their staff with a celebratory night out in Bury.

TICKET NUMBER 20537 - 13TH JUNE 2018

Today's winner is Cheri D'iorio who bought her ticket via Woodbank Junior Football Club and it's not just Cheri that benefits from the windfall. Cheri has donated £500 back to the club which was met with smiles all round.

Cheri said she never wins anything, so was both shocked and thrilled when she received the phone call and has decided to put the money towards a family holiday next year.

Team manager Matt Jordan broke off from training for a team picture on Thursday evening, and when asked how the team would spend the £500, said it would be put to good use purchasing new kit and equipment for the club.


This week’s lucky winner is company CEO Liam Gately from Platinum Care in Radcliffe.

Liam said… “I didn’t go on this to win, but to support small business. As crazy as it sounds I didn’t ever actually connect in my mind that I might win something by putting my money in.”

Liam also told us that he will be spending his winnings on a family holiday with wife Julie and daughters Deanna, Summer and Lydia. Since setting up Platinum Care 6 years ago Liam hasn’t taken more that 1 week off each year, we think he truly deserves a break!

Platinum Care is a Bury-based domiciliary care agency providing homecare services and respite care to individuals across the area. The friendly and experienced team at Platinum Care offer a professional, practical and completely personal home care service, tailored to meet the users’ needs, whether it be home care due to illness, disability or frailty of age.

Click here to see the moment we suprised Liam with the news of his win! 

Ticket number 20513 - 30th May 2018

Today was so lovely, bringing happiness into someone’s life.

This week’s £2000 prize goes to Ifta, who works at Bury Council, Whittaker St Contact Centre.

Ifta was delighted and told us that she will be spoiling her son this August when she takes him to Euro Disney.

Click here to see how we suprised Ifta at her office in Radcliffe.

Ticket number 20198 - 23rd may 2018

This week’s lucky winner is Paul Dawson from Six Town Housing.

We caught up with Paul on a job in Radcliffe who happily took a short break from laying a pathway to tell us that he’ll be spending his winnings on his wedding next year in July. Paul made our day with the biggest smile ever although he did admit he didn’t actually think he’d ever win!

Congratulations once again to Paul, we hope you and your fiancé Sandra enjoy spending your winnings and have a fabulous wedding.

Click here to see what happened when we suprised Paul with our large cheque.

TICKET NUMBER 20201 - 16TH MAY 2018

Bury Council’s David Wiggins scoops £2,000 in The Made in Bury Business Draw.

This week’s lucky winner is David Wiggins from Bury Council who said he will be spending the winnings on his house or maybe even a holiday…. this was after asking if it was really happening!

Yes David, you really did win!

Click here to see us suprising David with our big cheque

TICKET NUMBER 20553 - 9th May 2018

Congratulations to our very first winners - HR Simple Limited

HR Simple Limited of Bury New Road, Whitefield take the stress and worry out of HR by providing simple, clear, and cost-effective solutions. 

For more information visit

So, what will they spend the £2000 on? Simple – A fabulous night out with all the team to celebrate their success and reward their hard work.

David Cohen, Managing Director said, “We are delighted to support the Made in Bury Business Draw, helping new start-up businesses here in Bury with training and loans! We are especially delighted with winning the very first draw.”

Click here for the moment we presented David with the cheque.