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How much does it cost?

Each number cost £2 a week. To make the administration of the draw easier, entries are paid monthly.

Do I have to pay by payroll deduction?

Payroll deduction is our preferred method of payment however, if you would like to pay by a Standing order, please click here.

What if the business or organisation I work for are not on your list of Patrons or Supporters?

If the business or organisation you work for is not on our list of Patrons and Supporters simply click here and play by Standing order.

How many numbers can I have?

As many as you like! (subject to availability as there are only 2,400 tickets available in total) There is no limit; it's £2 per number per week. 

Can I choose my own numbers?

No, you are allocated the next number in line and you keep that number for as long as you choose to play.

Why are there only 2,400 tickets available?

Having only 2,400 tickets available will keep tickets in demand and will ensure great odds of winning.

What are the odds of me winning?

The maximum number of tickets available is 2,400. The odds are therefore 1 in 2,400.

If there are only 2,400 tickets in the draw, why is my number over 10,000?

For administration purposes the numbers allocated start at 20,000.

How will I know if I've won?

We will contact you!


Do I have to have my photo taken for publicity?

We reserve the right to publicise winners but we will not force you to have your photo taken! We would hate that to prevent you from playing.

Who runs the Draw?

The Draw is run by Made in Bury Ltd.

Are you Licensed?

Yes, we are licensed by Bury Council - LOT0696

Where does the money go?

The Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw is a ‘not for profit’ initiative.

After paying the prize money and operating expenses such as the staff, the rest of the proceeds are used to fund Bury businesses via the Made in Bury Business Academy which helps local businesses develop the necessary skills required to start and build a successful business, through coaching and mentoring. Funds are also available for interest free loans to help businesses grow and to maintain or create jobs. Only Bury businesses qualify.

When is the draw?

The draw is carried out every Wednesday.

How is the draw done?

All entries are put on a special computer database, every Wednesday the computer initiates its random selection programme and picks that week’s winners.

How quickly do I get the money should I win?

Within 48 hours. 

Where is the draw based?

Made in Bury Ltd, Europa House, Barcroft St, Bury, BL9 5BT.

I don't know my number; how can I find out?

You can contact us on 0161 447 8814 or email debi@madeinbury.co.uk or write to us at the address above.

I live outside Bury, can I still play?


Friends and family of anyone employed by a business or organisation with a base in Bury can play. 

Will playing via payroll deduction affect my pension?

No, this is a deduction from your net pay.