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March 26, 2014
Continnum Group Ltd, Highly Commended at the Made in Bury Business Awards.

After being Highly Commended at the Made in Bury Business Awards 2013, Continum Group Ltd has since come up with some even more fantastic and innovative ideas.

Specialising in producing technology systems, Continum Group Ltd have a number of sectors. Quasar Studios Ltd is the part of Continum Group Ltd which has developed this latest fantastic application.

The most recent idea and technological product created by this local business is a sports gaming application which allows sports fanatics to play tournaments in order to win amazing prizes.

A sports application might not be anything new, but this one, designed and created by Continum Group Ltd, allows gamers to play the already popular Rugby Cross Bar Challenge with the chance to win prizes from the sports team they support. The prizes can be anything from balls, signed shirts to match tickets.

In terms of businesses, it gives sport clubs the ability to communicate with their supporters through push notifications. The application doesn't cost anything to businesses, just the price of the prizes they are giving away. From this, they will get full access to their supporters who use the app.

Through push notifications, the sports club can send their supporters latest news, offers and vouchers. Essentially, this gaming app is the perfect marketing tool and costs little. The player will be sent promotional items even when they are not using the application.

Once downloading the app, the gamer will specify which club they support and the marketing will begin from this information. The application is free for rugby sport clubs and runs on IPhone, IPad and Android.

It's no surprise that this local business were Highly Commended in the Technology category at the Made in Bury Business Awards.

Continum Group Ltd have also created a platform designed for lone workers - those who work without supervision of management and out of earshot from other employees.

The LoneWorkerManager platform helps businesses to monitor the safety of lone workers, in order to decrease the amount of fatalties and injuries caused by management failings. This new platform allows employers to monitor lone workers and, subsequently, any escalations.

Wth fantastic, innovative ideas like these, it's clear that we will hear more about Continum Group Ltd. Watch this space! To read more about this Highly Commended business, read more about Continum Group Ltd here.