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November 29, 2017

Every year is different, and whilst there are some businesses that come back to give it another go, there are lot’s of new businesses looking for a piece of the action – and so they should!

Businesses that enter the MIBBA’s each year come in all shapes and sizes, from the sole trader, new start-up businesses, such as Icon Kitchen Studio, to those larger, established businesses that have been trading in our town for decades.

It doesn’t matter who, or what you are, how long you’ve been trading or what your turnover may be, if you’ve got it, you’ve got it and until you flaunt it, you’re never going to know if you too could be a MIBBA winner.

Does size matter?

We’ve seen situations over the years where the sole traders have beaten the big boys so to speak.  Just because they’re big doesn’t mean that they’re the leaders in their game and will take the prize; far from it.

Whether you’re big or small, it’s your work ethic, your personality, your customer service, your drive, ambition and your vision for your business and it’s growing future that matters.

This is what you’re judged on, not your name.



Are you?  You could look at this a number of ways.  Are you the best of bury in your line of business or are you member of thebestofbury?

It doesn’t matter if you’re either, if you believe that you’re fantastic, or your clients do, you can enter.  Maybe you believe that there’s a sway towards our sister company in the results – this year, from 21 categories saw just 3 winners so let’s set that myth to rest too.


The judges have an incredibly tough job to do.  Having received feedback from many of them, they often find it very difficult to determine their top 3.  Of course, some judges have become au-fait with the procedures now, and are well versed in the process, but there was new blood this year too, new, enthusiastic eyes and ears who were in awe of the quality of applications and motivation shown by each finalist.

In it to win it!

For those who may sit back and judge, we ask you this – have you entered the MIBBA’s? Like many things, it’s easy to have an opinion, but if you’ve never been in that position, you’ve never tried to make a difference by getting involved, we challenge you to do so.  You could well be the next amazing business that pips that big boy to the post. One thing’s for sure though, unless you try, you’ll never ever know.

Sitting on the fence never got anyone anywhere – jump down and take the high road.  It could be the biggest road to success that you’ll ever take.

Entries for 2018 open again in May.

We’d love to see you become part of the MIBBA’s 2018.