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December 10, 2018

LNK Motors!

The husband and wife team, Paul and Nicola Campbell were over the moon to win!

Following a blow to their company during the Boxing Day floods of 2015, LNK Motors have done brilliantly to turn their business around from what was a really tough time for everyone there. Winning this award gives them the credit they deserve for all their hard work in getting back on their feet.

Customer service is a huge contributing factor to LNK Motors' success in retail - with over 800 reviews online on our website and their own, full of happy customers recommending them to others!

Just one example of how the team go above and beyond for their customers is the welcome package they offer for every car sold...

A free parts and labour warranty, Free breakdown and recovery, Free £25's worth of fuel, Free summer valet, Free winter care, Free total fitness family day-pass, Free bluetooth hands-free kit and a free set of floor mats! 

This welcome package highlights just how much LNK Motors wants to ensure each and every customer has a memorable experience when purchasing a new vehicle. 

Keep being amazing LNK!

You can find out more info here.