In Association With
January 9, 2020

Milliken has supported and sponsored the MIBBA’s since the very beginning including categories for Best in Class Creative, Large Business, and Technology. Over the years Milliken has scooped up several awards at the MIBBA’s including the Outstanding Achievement Award, Best in Class Large Business, Excellence in Developing People, Manufacturing & Engineering and Graham Swann also won the Businessman of the Year Award.

For the past two years, Milliken has sponsored the prestigious Businessman of the Year Award which recognises entrepreneurial and business accomplishments and this year David Murray and Kath Pollard from our sponsors presented the award to our well-deserved winner Hervey Magnall from The Fisherman’s Retreat.

Milliken, which was founded in 1865, is a US-based business and here in Bury in a former cotton mill is home to Milliken European Airbag Products which employs over 130 people from the local and surrounding areas.

In this highly competitive automotive market, Milliken are industry leaders in manufacturing airbag fabric and components, producing 25 million square metres of fabric each year.

We would like to give a special thanks to Kath Pollard, a performance solutions administrator at Milliken, for sitting on our judging panel in what was one of our most competitive years.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Milliken for their continued support and for being with us right from the start of the MIBBA’s journey and we look to forward to Milliken sponsoring and presenting this year’s Businessman of the Year Award for the third year running.

For more information on all of the services Milliken offer then please click here or telephone 0161 764 2244.