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April 4, 2016

“To be approached, you need to be approachable”. NW Premier Fair

As you know, the first 60 seconds are when impressions count and so, to ensure you don’t miss out on any potential clients, we’ve detailing what you should do, which will help keep the clientele at your stand.

Okay, so your booth’s looking great; you have your promotional products and now it’s the event.

The first rule with business exhibitions is: “To be approached, you need to be approachable”.


  • Smile! Nothing is more approachable than a friendly smile – you love your job, show it!
  • Stand up! Look pro-active, eager and ready to do business. No slouching
  • Dress smart – we shouldn’t have to tell you but make sure you dress suitably
  • A firm handshake. Many judge an individual on their handshake so get practising!


Conversation not pitch

We know you’re all business men and women and yes, you want sales, but it’s important that you don’t subject your visitors to a well-rehearsed sales pitch (which will turn people off). The truth is, individuals respond well to friendly, informative conversation.  


  • Adopt a question and answer approach - ask what it is they’re looking for & tailor your answer to suit them
  • Avoid buzzwords and jargon.
  • Keep eye contact


The most important W: Who?

No matter how many delegates find their way to your booth, you need to make sure they have a reason to stay; it’s all down to the employees you bring with you.


  • Choose well-informed staff – those who eat, sleep and breath your product/services
  • Choose staff you know will represent the company well - no demotivated employees

Attracting people to your stand is the easy part. Keeping them there will be difficult without the good conversation and motivated, knowledgeable members of staff.  

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When: 13th/14th May 2016 from 10.00am – 4.00pm

Where: Drill Hall, Castle Armoury, Bury

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