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May 9, 2016

With just four days to go, the North West’s best business exhibition is coming to Bury. The event on Friday 13th May is exclusively for businesses and we thought we would give you a sneak peek at which industries will be exhibiting, so you can plan your visit accordingly.

Office supplies and services – If you’re moving into new offices or require a little extra help, at our fair you will find office maintenances and cleaning services, stationery supplies and possibly even a new home for your business!

Sales and Lettings – Great for those who are looking to expand their portfolio, you’re sure to find a property management service you can rely on.

Education and recruitment – If you’re looking for ways you can utilise the next generation’s knowledge, then you can find out more on apprenticeships and graduate hires – and possibly even spot your next candidate!

Web Design and Digital Marketing – Everyone and everything is online nowadays, and if your business doesn’t have a website, then you might struggle to stand out from the crowd! At our Business Fair, you will be able to discuss new marketing trends, and how you can optimise your services.

Architecture and Landscaping – Want to make the most of your office space, or does your land need a bit of maintenance work? At our fair you’ll find a huge variety of experts who will be able to give you their expert opinion.

Hospitality, Entertainment and Leisure – We all want to make our clients and employees feel like part of the family, so we’ve made sure that there are plenty of businesses at our fair who can contribute to your employee wellness or reward policies. And if you’re putting on an event, we’ve got caterers, venues and entertainment galore for you to make the most of!

Transport & Travel – Whether you’re looking at investing in company cars or need to hire transport to get everybody together, then there’s a great range of companies which can help you out and guarantee you a great deal.

Printing and Promotion – Promoting your business, whether that’s through exhibiting at fairs or a simple sign on your premises, is something every business needs to do. But it’s not always possible (or a good idea) to give it a go yourself. You need somebody who has a background in graphic design, or who has fantastic machinery which can ensure your leaflets and signs are printed in the highest possible quality. You’ll find a great choice of businesses who can do just that at our Premier Business Fair.

Professional services – Whether you’re looking for a lawyer, accountant or outsourcing your HR, there’s going to be a fantastic range of services exhibiting. Don’t just wait until you’re in dire need of their help, make sure you get to know them and what the can do for you.

And we don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we’ve got a huge treat for those who love their cars. If your business is thinking about investing in the future, you will DEFINITELY want to come on down and check out the amazing SUPERCAR we have on show!