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March 9, 2018

Give Jason at Nettl of Bury 6 hours to chop down a tree and he will spend 4 hours sharpening his axe. These were the first few words we came across when opening our remarkably useful kit for the survival and planning of exhibitions for modern ladies & gentlemen.

In our beautifully decorated box there was a personalised letter from Jason greeting us and explaining its contents.

Everything in our box gave us a real-life insight as to what Nettl of Bury offer, with tangible examples of the quality and detail you can expect.

This box is perfect for somebody who is new to exhibiting and gives you details about the offers and services provided from Nettl of Bury.

What’s in the box?


The super dandy sales and enquiry enhancing expo contraptions for magnificent exhibitors. Imagine your favourite stationary shop delivered in one book, it has all the necessities from a pen & pad, through to a tea bag, Tic Tacs and a lip balm. 

Exhibitor book:

The exhibitors book is a brilliant, detailed and powerful book for anybody wishing to exhibit at The North West Premier Business Fair. This is designed to make you think differently, plan a strategy, and develop your steps to creating new business leads and clients. This book also demonstrates how a small business can grow their profit, raise brand awareness and how to follow up on businesses you have met.

Flyers & catalogues:

There is a catalogue of products showing you everything from how fabric display stands work, through to a variety of styles available.

Plus, you will find examples of lots of different flyers & cards that you could use for your business.

Our remarkably useful kit box came with shredded green paper inside - both widely RECYCLABLE!

Order your box today, call Jason at Nettl of Bury on 0161 452 7143.