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November 26, 2017

Congratulations on your success in the MIBBAs 2017! 

  • You’ve filled out the application. You’ve been shortlisted – and faced the judges. 
  • You’ve put on your glad rags, attended the awards ceremony and had the hangover to boot. 
  • So now what? 
  • The spotlight is firmly on your business, so now is the perfect time to shout from the rooftops about your success. 
  • But just how do you make the most of the publicity opportunities the win has opened up to you? 
  • Pink Labrador PR & Communications offer our top tips to maximise your win exposure with our useful guide. 


Be sociable 

You’ve probably already shared the news of your award recognition across all of your social media platforms, yet there are still many opportunities to maximise your exposure: 

-Remind your followers of your win, tagging employees and customers. Don’t forget to include the hashtag for the event itself. 
-Upload photos of the team from the night along with your certificate and trophy as it arrives. 
-Dodgy photo? Use it as a fun “caption competition” online to encourage interaction. 
-Congratulate fellow winners and nominees directly on social media, hashtagging them to ensure you appear in their newsfeeds. 
-Make sure the press know about your win and approach them directly using the @ tag. 

Contact the press 

An award recognition gives you a newsworthy status, so send a press release to local papers and publications as well as your industry trade press. Include a snappy headline, a quote from the organisers about just why your company stood out from the rest and a quote from yourself about what the win means for your organisation and your customers. Always include a great photo to maximise column inches. 
Make sure you track any other coverage of the awards in the press and share across all of your platforms as well as on your “company news” page. 

Inform your customers 

You’ll want to spread the word about your win – and a great place to start is with your customers. 
Rather than simply informing them you have won an award, think about how this piece of news will add value to their business - and use the opportunity to remind them just why they love working with you. Include them in your celebrations with a special offer or small gift to thank them for their support.  
If you don’t already have a company newsletter, now is the time to write one. Mailchimp is inexpensive and easy to use, making it a great place to start. 

Inform staff and suppliers 

Make sure your staff are aware of your win and that they understand it’s significance. They should feel proud to be working for an award winning organisation, and it’s important that you acknowledge their part in your success.  

Inform all of your suppliers they will be keen to work with a company that is on the up and in the long term this may give you leverage to negotiate better terms and conditions. 

Show your gratitude 

Make sure you personally thank any customers who have helped with your award win with a case study or quote. Take them for lunch or send some flowers with a personalised note. 
Don’t forget the judges, organisers and sponsors who work tirelessly, making many tough decisions, often in their own time. Acknowledge their efforts by thanking them with a phone call or handwritten card to add a personal touch. You could also ask for feedback on your entry.  Make sure you connect with them on social media and also thank them online. It’s a courtesy – and it will also build your business network. 
It’s a friendly gesture to contact all of the other winners to send on your congratulations. Connect with them on social media and maybe suggest a celebratory winners lunch. 

Utilise the award logo 

An award winner’s logo is a powerful tool, so use it wherever you can. On your email footer, on your website, on emailers and on marketing materials. If you have any exhibitions planned, include it in the graphics.  It’s a constant reminder of your success. 
Think ahead to next year 

Now you’re on a roll, start to think about other awards that your company can enter. Be proactive and plan activity that you know will impress the judges. Create a series of case studies, take part in local community initiatives and make sure you have a robust business plan in place. 

As an award winner you have increased credibility and so you could write a blog offering hints and tips to other organisations who are considering entering an award for the first time. 
Pink Labrador PR & Communications help to make businesses famous, putting them in the spotlight and getting them in front of the right audiences, at the right time, with the right message. 
We have a wealth of experience in assisting clients write stand out award entries, full communications strategy, content production, social media management and public relations campaigns.  
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