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December 2, 2019

We were delighted to have the wonderful and quirky poet Paul Jenkins perform for us at this year’s MIBBA’s.

Paul has been a performer for 20 years so we knew our audience were in for a memorable evening.

The MIBBA’s are a celebration of local Bury businesses and an acknowledgement of their achievements. And to make this evening extra special, Paul wrote a poem especially for the event, dedicated to our amazing town of Bury. The crowd were certainly won over with the poem that celebrates all things wonderful about the town we are all so very proud of.

It’s early morning, Harcles Hill

Morning silence, air so still

Looking out a chance to see 

A town standing resplendently


From cotton birth to six fine towns

The Pennine hills come winding down

Through the Burrs and then arrive 

A place for all to work and thrive


On trams and buses people flock 

To market stalls and to The Rock

Working hard but playing too 

So much and see, so much to do


Galleries and shops and bars, 

Arcade Clubs, The ELR, 

While cross the street the stage is set

With punters heading to the Met


Just steps away our Vicky smiles 

Her statue draws them in from miles

Civic pride, a council proud

To shout her name so very loud


Just opposite? The Fusiliers

Memories captured of the years

When darker times brought us together

But now the skies have brighter weather  


Our town a hub - A wondrous place

Where businesses have public face

Their employees buzz round the town 

All underscored with pulsing sounds


Provided by their local station

Tower FM - A real sensation

And as they go about their day

You’ll hear the local people say

These words in their vocabulary...

“Where you from? - I’m made in Bury.”


The Made in Bury Business Awards celebrate the achievements of local businesses in the borough of Bury. If you are thinking of entering the awards for 2020 then please visit for more information. The awards are free to enter and entries open on 1st May 2020.


Paul Jenkins - Author, Performer & Poet


TWITTER: @teacherwriterPJ
FACEBOOK: Paul Jenkins - Poet
YOUTUBE: Paul Jenkins - Poet