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December 7, 2018

The Victoria Walshaw.

The team at The Victoria took the opportunity to play a role in their local community in the peaceful village of Walshaw this year...their cosy, traditional pub provides a clean and comfortable environment for the people of Bury to visit, eat, drink or even stay the night in their B&B! 

As well as this, The Victoria have been hosting a number of different meetings for the community; Book Club, Craft Club, PTA Meetings, Bible study groups and a weekly quiz! These are just a few examples of how the staff at The Victoria create great, local hubs for people in the community to get together. 

The Victoria Walshaw particularly stood out to the judges of the MIBBA's this year as their community spirit is reflected through the amount they do as well as being nominated by James Frith as the Responsible Business Champion for Bury North! 

Working on the community to the extent the team have been, has encouraged people who may not have felt comfortable stepping into a pub feel safe and welcome no matter how old or young! 

Winning the Community Impact Award is a fantastic boost for The Victoria as they can now build even more relationships with groups within Walshaw and surrounding areas. The team have been given a sense of pride and can continue to encourage anyone and everyone to feel at home at The Victoria! 

To find out more about this amazing local community pub please click here.