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January 21, 2020

For 2019, Pixelwave Creative once again captured all the amazing moments at The Made in Bury Business Awards. From the Meet & Greet day to the evening event, JP and his team are the stealth-like videographers who can capture an event without being intrusive.

Pixelwave Creative are the masters in bringing your story to life. Whether it’s an informative video, promotional material or just being in the background at an event and capturing all the bits that you would usually miss. JP and his team are experienced and know how to get the most from your event.

Back in October 2019, Pixelwave attended the Judges Meet & Greet and captured our entrants as they took on the judge's panels in each of their respective categories and battled it out for the top 3 places in each one. 

The excitement and the nerves were palpable and as is often the case in these nerve-wracking situations, it’s easy to miss out on some of the special moments that happen or to even remember them once the adrenaline has calmed down.

Having Pixelwave Creative on board means that all of these moments are captured and can be looked back on for years to come to remember just how fabulous these events are.

Fast forward to November 28th 2019 and Pixelwave were on hand once again to capture the glamour of the awards evening, from live entertainment to audience reactions and winners taking to the stage to collect their coveted awards.

Working side by side with our photography sponsors, Pixelwave Creative was able to capture so many moments of the awards evening and we’d like to thank them for being involved once again.

Here’s to more stealth-like videography at the 2020 awards!

For more information about Pixelwave Creative and the services they have to offer please click here or call 0161 241 8079