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How do I apply for a place in the Made in Bury Business Academy?

If you are a new start up business and would like to apply for a funded place please complete the contact form with your details and we will be in touch.

Is this just for Bury businesses?

Yes, the Made in Bury Business Academy is sponsored by thebestofbury to support new start up businesses in the borough of Bury. 

Where do you meet?

The home of the Business Academy is Imperial House, Business Lodge, Barcroft Street, Bury, BL9 5BN

Is there a cost?

This course has been valued at £5,000, all we ask is for a small contribution of £300 plus vat per member.

This is a one-off payment payable upon acceptance to secure your place.

How often do you meet?

We meet twice a month.

Meetings are usually the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, however some months do differ so please check our home page for the exact dates.

All meetings are 2 hours, 10am - 12 midday.

What topics are covered during the 12 month course?

1. Who’s who:

·         Getting to know each other

·         Why you started/looking to start your own business

·         The Challenges

2. Knowing your numbers:

·         Where are you now

·         Where do you want to be

·         What will it take to get you there

·         What’s the gap

·         Progress tracker


3. Time management

·         90 Minutes


4. Market, Message, Media:

·         Who, How, Where

·         Understanding your customer avatar

·         Understanding their need

·         How to craft your message

·         The different Marketing Pillars


5. Networking:

·         Your elevator pitch

·         Your 60 seconds

·         Asking the right questions

·         Different groups, generic, specialist etc


6. Building a Brand:

·         What is a brand

·         Why is a brand so important

·         The benefits of a brand v’s a business

·         Vision

·         Mission


7. Branding:

·         Logo

·         Colour

·         Strapline


8. Price/Positioning

·         Different pricing strategies


9. Selling Skills:

·         Researching prospects

·         Planning meetings

·         Presentation Skills

·         Objection Handling

·         The Follow up.

·         Sales statistics


10. PR

·         What is PR

·         Your PR message

11. Legal / T&C’s:

·         Structure

·         Contracts

·         Shareholder agreements

·         Credit control

·         Employment Law

12. Personal Development/Self-Motivation

·         Personal Analysis

·         Setting Goals

·         Personal Objectives

13. Culture:

·         Golden Rules

·         CSR


14. Customer Excellence:

·         The customer is always right

·         Striving for perfection.


15: Social Media:

·         Facebook

·         Twitter

·         LinkedIn

·         Instagram


16. The Power of Offers

·         Offering value over discounts


17. Financial / P+L

·         Sole trader, Partnership, Limited Company

·         Break-even point

·         Margins, sales, profit

·         Cash flow

·         Forecasting

·         Calculating Tax

·         Sources of Finance


18. Your Business Plan: (3 Meetings)

·         Vision, Mission, Values, Culture

·         Your business model

·         Your market

·         Your competition

·         Marketing plan

·         P&L Forecast

·         Risks

·         Exit strategy