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February 2, 2024

The Made in Bury Business Academy was launched in 2016 and provides businesses in Bury with the support network they need in the challenging early years. Businesses under 3 years benefit from invaluable coaching and mentoring delivered by successful business owners and industry experts.

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Who Are Stay N Play Doggy Daycare Group?

Stay N Play Doggy Daycare Group is a dynamic and compassionate provider of comprehensive doggy daycare services located in Bury and Radcliffe. Our mission is to combat the common challenges faced by pet parents, such as separation anxiety, loneliness, and guilt, by offering a safe, fun, and interactive environment for dogs.

We believe in the power of play and social interaction to nurture the well-being of dogs. Our daycare facilities are designed to provide plenty of exercises, mental stimulation, and individual attention. We also address the emotional and psychological needs of dogs through carefully curated activities and interactive play areas. 

Additionally, Stay N Play Doggy Daycare Group encompasses sister companies, Doggy Paddle Bury and Nails to Tails Dog Grooming. These extensions of our brand allow us to offer specialised services such as hydrotherapy and grooming, ensuring a holistic approach to dog care.

Our team is passionate about supporting pet parents and their furry companions. We strive to leave a lasting impression on every visit and aim to be the go-to place for all doggy daycare, grooming, training, and hydrotherapy needs. We believe in building strong bonds within our community, creating an inclusive family of pet lovers.

Each visit to our daycare is more than just a service; it's an experience. We aim to create joyful memories for both dogs and their owners. Our team is enthusiastic about welcoming new members into our Stay N Play family and is committed to making each dog's stay enriching and enjoyable.

Join the Stay N Play Family:

At Stay N Play Doggy Daycare Group, we are dedicated to transforming our furry guests into the heroes they are destined to be. Join us in this journey of friendship, growth, and triumph. Let the adventures begin for your beloved companion at Stay N Play Doggy Daycare. 

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Stay N Play Canine Therapies a part of the Stay N Play Group

Stay N Play Canine Therapies is a leading animal-assisted therapy organisation in Greater Manchester, dedicated for over eight years to supporting disadvantaged and SEND children. Our innovative therapy programs, including reading, emotional talking therapies, writing therapies, and more, are tailored to each child's needs, utilising the unique abilities of trained therapy dogs. These dogs offer comfort and a non-judgmental presence, fostering a safe environment for learning and emotional growth.

Beyond working with children, we educate the public on responsible dog ownership and interaction, and our therapy dogs also help alleviate loneliness in care homes and dementia hospitals. Our mission is rooted in the power of connection, continually striving to bring healing and joy through our canine companions.

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